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Role Model

Seventh Summit Productions
Rick O'Donnell, David Nemeth

Seemingly locked in his own mind, Matt is confronted by his late and estranged father to deal with his father's death.

See the full short film: Role Model

Out For Delivery

Shades Mountain Creative
Grin, Ethan Milner

A pair of delivery truck drivers realize the contents of the their trucks are more valuable at Christmas than any other time of year. They hatch a plan to effectively steal Christmas in their small town until an uninvited guest threatens the whole operation.

See the full short: Out For Delivery

Treasure Lies 
(coming 2020)

iiFilms, LLC
Mr. Peterson, Brett Varvel

A hardworking, all-American kid learns a faith lesson through an unexpected windfall.  It's a life and death story of greed, jealousy, gratitude, character, and forgiveness.

For more information visit Treasure Lies

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The Dream Motel
(Season 1, Episode 10)

Rossetti Productions
James "Jimmy" Peters, Chip Rossetti

Guests themselves face to face with their past, their future, and their present. All things are possible for guests of The Dream Motel.

E10: A recently released ex-con checks into The Dream Motel. Unaware that he is being watched from the shadows, he will soon find himself struggling for control of his life as he fights the war within.

Watch on Amazon Prime, Christian Cinema, or PureFlix.

(est. release 2020)

Relentless Studios
Agent Newby, Dale S. Lewis

"BRANDED" is an intense, mind-bending thriller that dives deeply into the world of murder for hire.

See the Branded Screener

Song of the Tree Frogs (coming 2020)

Menning Films
Samuel, Josh Menning

Phillip and Michael, two brothers who are on a desperate journey to find unconditional love in a world dominated by hatred and manipulation, have good reason to doubt that their lives will ever be normal. 

For more information visit Menning Films

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(coming 2020)

Seventh Summit Productions
Dr. Daniel Shafer, David Nemeth

Daniel struggles with his memory as his friend Seth attempts to help him remember, but the memories hold a darker secret than Daniel is willing to confront.

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